Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finished Clam Shell

Clamshell Side
The Clam Shell is done, and ready for the Indiana gourd show this weekend.  Here is the side view showing the chipcarved centre insert and the outer rim.  The edges are painted in pearl-toned paint, to mimic a clam shell  The insert and rim is painted in verdigris green, like algae.
Clamshell Front
The front of the clam shell is black gesso-ed background with coloured pencil drawing of an orange fantailed goldfish.  Notice the small Inlace medallion at the base.  It is green Inlace with cut-outs on a pearl-toned background.
Back View

This is the back panel of the clam shell, depicting a chocolate brown fantailed goldfish.  It too is coloured pencil on black gesso.

Below is the view of the top of the clamshell.  It shows you the third medallion that was carved from two different colours of Inlace.  The white was carved to show the green inlace below and inset into the central insert.

Top View  

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