Thursday, September 3, 2009

NC Project update

Photo 1: I have base-coated the flower painted side of my gourd and sealed it so that when I'm painting and make a boo-boo, I can wash it off without ruining the background.
Photo 2: Using a reference photo of large tropical leaves (actually a philodendron leaf, rather than a B of P leaf) I've drawn on two leaves that I plan to carve out.
Stick around to see if I have any luck with that!

Photo 3:Gary has started the waves by outlining the edges first.
Photo 4: He has finished one dragon.

To see a much closer view, you click on a photo to bring up a much larger picture. To reduce it to screen size, hit 'control' and the minus sign at the same time. Hitting 'control' and the plus sign makes it larger.


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