Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Project update - September show

I started working on one piece of my project. It's a coiled tapestry insert that goes into a section of the gourd that will be cut out once I find out what size this tapestry ends up being. In theory, it's a rectangle on a slant, measuring 5"X5". Right now, the slant isn't angling as much as I planned. So much for plans!
The theme of the gourd is Bird of Paradise flower. I will paint a Bird of Paradise flower on one side, and attempt to coil another flower to inset on the opposite side.
On the other two sections, I'm going to get hubby to teach me to carve (that should be interesting!) and make tropical leaves, which I'll paint.
So far, I've completed 15 rows of pattern on my tapestry, and have about another 12 to go. I'm finding it tedious, taking almost an hour each row, because I'm working with 8 coloured threads which have to be untangled every time I take a stitch.
In the photo you can see the B. of P. flower and then the chart that I created on Excel to do the design. You can see how my tapestry matches the chart, and hopefully will look like a flower from a distance.
Right now, up close, it looks like a bunch of coloured threads wrapped around paper.
I'm obviously NOT going to get this done for our upcoming trip to North Carolina festival next week.


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